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Dear Mr Haidenbauer,

I am pleasantly surprised by your request. I am most curious to know how you found my current address (email).  As to your request, I believe I still have the original paper version of that report. I shall dig it out, transfer it to a computer and then email it to you, hopefully within a week, or so. Please note my email address below, the domain cs is no longer used, since the transfer of our email system to Google.

I was told by the Rutherford Lab a while ago that the master-copy of that paper had been stolen, whence I sent them another copy, after which I do not know what has happened, if anything, to their copy.

Best Wishes


On 08/11/2013 19:02, Haidenbauer, Johann wrote:


Dear Prof. Deen,

Recently I looked up some paper about the analysis of Kbar N scattering data from the 1970ies where the authors refer to one of your papers for the details of the formalism, namely the preprint RPP/H/68 about a generalized partial-wave analysis. Is this paper still available in one form or the other? I would very appreciate if you could point me to a place or source where I could get a copy of it.

Best regards,

Johann Haidenbauer

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Some Comments on the above request for his paper


From his first CS PhD student (USA) on hearing this news [21 Nov 2013]

It is very satisfying and fulfilling when something like this comes out unexpectedly from the past, coming knocking at your door. Not many people will realize the true meaning of such incidents in life. I am very happy to know that it happened to you, and dots got connected after 43 years in life. And there are not many people around to mention it. 


Best regards


-Ambrish Vashishta

Another email comment from a Physicist Rick Marshall of Keele:

Misbah – thanks for celebrating the re-emergence of your particle physic paper with us.  An honour and a pleasure.  (It was quite a time constant!)

Best wishes